JoAnn and Paul Tucker

My husband and I have had several experiences with real estate agents in various cities in California in the past. When we moved to Reno, I asked a friend in the “business” in Southern California if she could review real estate agents for us in Reno to find the best agent in the area. After interviewing several agents, she gave us a recommendation for Jane Shadie.

Jane turned out to be an amazing agent; she showed us properties in our price range in several areas of Reno, explaining the different neighborhoods and choosing homes that were convenient to amenities such as shopping and restaurants, etc. She drove us around for several afternoons until we found just what we were looking for. We’ve never had an agent spend so much time with us, helping us get familiar with the different parts of Reno (we didn’t know about anything except downtown). I felt like we had our own personal tour guide! Once we chose our properties, the paperwork process was easy and efficient as Jane spent time explaining all the details to complete the mounds of paperwork (on a computer, of course) required when you’re making a home purchase.

Without hesitation I would recommend Jane for any of your real estate needs. She’s reliable, efficient, dependable, very knowledgeable, experienced, and
just a really nice person as well.

JoAnn and Paul Tucker
Very satisfied customers