Sparks & NE Corridor

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The growing area north of I-80, and east of I395/580 includes Sparks, East Sparks, D’Andrea/Vista areas, Pyramid Highway, Spanish Springs and Wingfield Springs. In general, the homes are older and smaller closer to where the highways intersect (“the spaghetti bowl”) and become newer in age as one progresses east, and north. Retail centers are abundant throughout this sprawling area, from large strip mall areas, the Sparks Galleria Mall just off Pyramid Highway, to The Legends Mall just off I-80.

Homes vary greatly in these areas, both in size of homes and parcels, as well as prices, construction styles and materials. There are even some (man-made) lake properties surrounding the Sparks Marina! Farther north one will find numerous ATV, walking, and biking trails in the hills. Wingfield Springs is home to two country club golf courses and a master planned community. Bridle Path is another north community where one will find large lots and homes zoned for horses. Numerous options from condos to single family homes are available to choose from, ranging in price from under $100k to $1million. Land parcels are still available and plenty. One can pick up 40 acres for as little as $25,000 (at a far distance from downtown Reno core) to well over $1million for closer in parcels.

Schools zoned for this area include: a plethora of Elementary Schools (Whitehead, Diedrichsen, Dunn, Moss, Marvin, Juniper, Lincoln Park, Drake, Florence, Mitchell Robert, Sepulveda, Beasley, Van Gorder, Spanish Springs, Hall, Taylor, Allen, Natchez and Greenbrae), Mendive, Dilworth, Sparks, Shaw Middle School, and Reed, Spanish Springs and Sparks High Schools.